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Biblical Counseling

According to its definition, faith-based counseling, usually referred to as Biblical counseling or Christian counseling, blends the behavioral science used in the majority of counseling settings with the principles found in the Bible. It enables a person to turn to God rather than themselves or another person for healing. City Lights Ministry believes that God is the Creator of all, therefore our interpretation of the neuroscience behind mental health comes from our foundation of Christ. 

Our Mission

City Lights offers free counseling for youth who are facing challenges in life, have had issues with peers, trauma and may have beginning stages of substance use.  Our team of Christian counselors are here to help youth start a new path of finding biblical guidance and balance by first listening to their needs and hurts.  Our goal is to provide guidance and encourage good decisions in such an overwhelming world.  Our team is dedicated to the youth in our community by being available to help regain a sense of hope for their future.  We focus on the whole person  and maintain the values taught in the Bible.

Our Approach

Through our approach we use theories and techniques from several models of intervention, rather than simply relying on one, and we also incorporate a Biblical approach to problem solving.  This means we view client complexities through the lens of the Bible and the Christian faith. 

Meet Our Counselors 


Morgan Bell

Graduated from Liberty University in 2022 with a Bachelors in Psychology with a concentration in Criminal Behavior. She strictly works with adolescents and encourages positive behavior and emotional competence. She is passionate about letting adolescents have a safe space to feel heard and understood in a world that quiets children. 

Melanie Bell

Pastor Melanie is a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor, with over 30 years of ministry experience.  She is available for free one on one counseling for anyone seeking a journey of being drug and alcohol free.  This is a shame free and grace filled counseling experience.  
A study conducted by Baylor University found that religious practice can help reduce harmful behaviors like drug and alcohol abuse. Supervised drug detox and mental health counseling can make faith-based recovery effective in battling addiction. The physical, emotional, and spiritual care these programs lend are important factors in achieving long-term recovery. 
Schedule a 45 ministue counseling session.  Pastor Melanie also offers sessions with preteen and teens, as well as adults.  

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