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Loving Others Where They Are

​City Lights Ministry is committed to providing hope and building futures for children, and their families living in adverse conditions of the inner city. By meeting them where they are, personally investing in their lives, providing physical needs and presenting the Gospel in a fun, accessible way, we believe we can build foundations that lead to hope, a future and a better life for children in need around our city.


​City Lights Ministry is focused on “Loving Others Where They Are” and building relationships along the way.


We serve our community with mobile trucks that go into the neighborhoods taking food, clothes, toys, beds and an early learning program, as well as an after school tutoring.  We believe it takes more than a bowl of soup to raise up a well rounded child.   City Lights strives to be a full circle of support for a child living in low income homes, so they can be successful healthy adults.  ​

City Lights Ministry is a non-profit, evangelical Christian Ministry committed to sharing the Gospel and meeting the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of  children who are faced with poverty, food insecurity  or feel hopeless.  We want to see children’s lives placed on a new path through the life-changing love of Christ.

​All are welcome to our mobile truck, after school tutoring or our Sidewalk Bible school, City Lights doesn't discriminate any race, culture, sex, religion, economic status or beliefs.  

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