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 City Lights Ministry 
Loving Others Where They Are 
Since 2014 

Need a Bed?

If your child is in need of a bed please click the link below to fill out the request form

Bright Start

Bright Start is a fun filled Kindergarten readiness program, that also offers Music classes and art.  Our program is free and  meets two days a week

Grace Project

The Grace Project provides programs such as counseling, goal setting, and assistance with
some baby needs & support to
help prepare moms for success.

Revive Wellness

We know you feel there has to be more to health and wellness than pursuing a number on a scale. It’s our goal to see you transform your whole self to feel well and confident to pursue the call God has on your life.

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Free Soccer League

 FORGE and City Lights Ministry Soccer League will be playing soccer this Spring, at the City Lights Ministry Community Center at 910 Palmer Lane in Winston-Salem.

Open to children ages 5 to 11 (age determined as of September 1, 2022), and registration is FREE to all, but capacity is limited so please register soon.


 Save the date March 18th – we will ask all players and coaches to join us that Saturday for introductions, a time of fellowship, and some player evaluations – more details to follow.

Interested In Coaching or Volunteering?

We are actively looking for Volunteers to coach soccer teams or to assist with welcoming families, food service and post-game snacks and devotions. Coach volunteers do not have to have soccer experience, just a heart to mentor kids - we will pair inexperienced assistants with experienced coaches. 


All volunteers will be required to consent to a background investigation for the safety of our children.

(Games will be played Saturday mornings for most of the months of April and May, detailed schedule to follow)

Biblical Counseling

City Lights offers free counseling for youth who are facing challenges in life, have had issues with peers, trauma and may have beginning stages of substance use.  Our team of Christian counselors are here to help youth start a new path of finding biblical guidance and balance by first listening to their needs and hurts.  Our goal is to provide guidance and encourage good decisions in such an overwhelming world.  Our team is dedicated to the youth in our community by being available to help regain a sense of hope for their future.  We focus on the whole person  and maintain the values taught in the Bible. 


Our Mission

City Lights Ministry is committed to providing hope and building futures for children, and their families living in adverse conditions of the inner city. By meeting them where they are, personally investing in their lives, providing physical needs and presenting the Gospel in a fun, accessible way, we believe we can build foundations that lead to hope, a future and a better life for children in need around our city.



There are so many ways to get involved with City Lights Ministry! Volunteer with your family, church, small group, or just yourself! You can donate funds, collect supplies, help deliver food or clothes, host a toy drive, build relationships and see how you can bless the community!


Make a differences in the life of a child, your support helps us help more children. Your gift helps us not only meet the physical needs of children but also helps us share the Gospel of Jesus!

Check out the many opportunities to volunteer in bed building, food delivery, ministry, bright start, and much more!







PHONE: 336-831-1003







PHONE: 336-602-1263

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